Capturing the moon at Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park

Brightened Moon

April 4, 2018

Many thanks to Lisa Elledge, a Moses Lake photographer,  who shared her story and soul-stirring photos from a January trip to Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park. Did you capture a stellar shot while visiting a Washington state park? Share it — and tell us about it too — on our story share portal here on Adventure Awaits!

I've just recently moved to Moses Lake from the west side of the mountains, mainly to live in the wide open spaces of eastern Washington.

I fell in love with photography about 15 years ago while photographing sports. I then discovered the beauty of landscape photography, and I've never looked back. What's nice is that you don't need a bunch of fancy equipment to capture the beauty of our state.

Trust me; it took a long time to learn this craft and acquire the tools of the trade.

Sun Lakes

Lisa captured this dramatic reflection of the sky at the lower Sun Lakes area.

I get out as much as possible to shoot whatever strikes my brain that day. I've been hiking in the Cascades and the Olympics and lugged my big old backpack full of my gear with me. But I tell you what: it's the best workout you'll get.

So recently we had a trifecta in January of a super blue blood moon. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to wake up early enough to capture the eclipse. But I did drive up to Dry Falls to capture the Super Moon rise, and trust me it did not disappoint.

I was surprised to be the only one up there at the time, which is sad because it was the perfect evening to view. Enjoy the photos, and I hope that you'll get out there and discover new adventures.

Lisa Elledge
— Moses Lake