Get ride on it! Bike Your Park Day 2019

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Get on your wheels and roll out for a ride on Bike Your Park day like these folks did with Ranger Ken Ross last year at Conconully State Park.

Sept. 18, 2019

Imagine exploring your favorite state park.

Now imagine exploring your favorite state park...on a bike!

Did you feel that shift? Did your awesome meter just peak? We’re not surprised! Beach cruiser or BMX, recumbent or mountain bike—few transportation modes are simpler and more exciting than cycling. It’s great exercise. Plus, on a bike you get the benefit of speed and an intimate connection with the road, path or trail.


Whether you’re an avid cyclist, or your bike is gathering a bit of dust in the garage, now is the perfect time for a ride! Saturday Sept.28 is Bike Your Park Day, a national event sponsored by the Adventure Cycling Association.

BONUS: A few Washington State Parks are holding Bike Your Park riding events. You may also register your ride at the Bike Your Park site and go on your own, with friends or join a ride with others! It’s also a State Parks free day in celebration of National Public Lands Day. That means you won’t need a Discover Pass to park your bike transporter (aka your car).


So, you’ve got the bike, you’ve got the spirit — now all you need is a destination. Looking for a riding event? Check out these three parks!

Westport Bike Rodeo
When: Sept. 28, 2-4 p.m.
Where: Westport Light State Park parking lot.
The skinny: Bring the whole family for a fun day of riding and safety by the shore. Kids ages 4 – 15 can bone up on their bike safety then test their skills on an obstacle course set up by park staff. Afterward, enjoy riding the flat, easy Westport Light Trail to the Grays Harbor Lighthouse.
About the trail: You may need a fat-tire bike or beach cruiser to tackle the sand on the Dune Trail. A great and easy day destination, the trail offers stunning views along the way.

The Conconogan Ride
When: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sept. 28
Where: Meet at John Perkin’s Cabin at Conconully State Park
The skinny: Join Ranger Ken Ross for a 3-mile loop up to Conconully and Upper lakes and then back to the park. The ride is suitable for all ages. Bring your camera for those spectacular views of the mountain lakes and Okanogan Valley. Bring a dish to share and join the group for a potluck and prizes following the ride.
About Conconully State Park: Fishing, water sports, camping and great mountain biking! Conconully will give you that truly away-from-it-all feeling. Enjoy pine forests and brilliant lake views in this Okanogan County gem.

Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail
When: Noon
Where: North Alder Street Park, Ellensburg
The skinny: Join State Parks and Ellensburg parks staff for a ride through the reconnection route of the Palouse To Cascades State Park Trail in Ellensburg. Laura Busby, State Parks interpretive specialist, and city parks staff will give a brief presentation on new and planned connections in the works for this popular trail. Riders will depart the park at 12:30 p.m. for a short ride to a ribbon-cutting ceremony in a new section of the trail. After, people can opt for a longer ride on the trail through town.
About the trail: Mountain-biking thrills for miles. More of a trek than a single downhill run, this trail is 100 miles and 1,600 acres of converted Chicago-Milwaukee-St. Paul-Pacific Railroad line. Tunnels, trestles, hills, valleys—it’s all here. With multiple trailheads and lots of stops (bathrooms, too) along the way to camp, you can rest or just meet up with the buddy who’s meeting you to take you back to your car.

More parks biking adventures

Looking to pave your own path? Check out these parks and be inspired! We’ve divided the adventures into trails better suited to mountain or fat-tire bikes and those for a road bike.

Smooth moves

Willapa Hills bridge 2 (2019) -  Chris Brewer

The cruising is easy — and stunning — on the Willapa Hills State Park Trail.

Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail
Long, flat, paved and easy to navigate, the 37-mile Centennial Trail is a great biking adventure for the whole family, no matter what you ride. Bring a camera! The trail parallels the gorgeous tree-lined banks of the Spokane River. Look for great photo ops around every bend, and the Sandifur Memorial Bridge over the river is a spectacular vantage point.

Willapa Hills State Park Trail
Roll the rails! Or at least take a ride where they used to be. Built on the path of a defunct spur of the Northern Pacific Railway, this trail traverses rocky rivers, hearty train bridges and trestles and wends westward through verdant fields toward the mighty Pacific. The first 5 miles west from the Chehalis Trailhead are paved, and the sturdy steel bridges are resurfaced. Once you get past the paving, the trail becomes compacted gravel and you may need a bike with more rugged tires to cycle on it.

Rugged rides

Ebey Mountain Biking YouTube capture

Enjoy a vigorous ride through Whidbey Island's stunning forests at Fort Ebey State Park.

Fort Ebey State Park
On the shores of Whidbey Island, this park is the former site of a World War II coastal-defense fort. Now, it’s an inspiring mix of the kind of mossy, misty forest the Pacific Northwest is famous for with rugged, sandy trails through grass-covered dunes. Bring your rain gear and be prepared for a unique and invigorating ride through 25 miles of trails.

Columbia Plateau State Park Trail
With 48 miles of biking (and hiking) trails and multiple trail heads, Columbia Plateau Trail State Park is one of Washington’s “it” spots for a major bike trip. Built along the converted bed of the old Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway, the trail winds through scenic historic country.

Wenatchee Confluence State Park to Lincoln Rock State Park
Wenatchee Confluence State Park is a family adventure hotspot — and popular with local bicycle enthusiasts. The park connects to the Apple Capital Loop Trail. Hop on the Wenatchee side of the trail for paved biking adventures. The east side is fun, too, but is more suited for more experienced riders. Adding to the fun is the Rocky Reach Trail, which connects you to Lincoln Rock State Park!

Mount Spokane State Park
Really relish a rough ride? Rad! Come find it at Mount Spokane! This park is vast — at more than 12,000 acres— and covered in miles upon miles of rocky, rutted dirt roads. To top it off, many of these roads lead to some spectacular views. This might be a bit too much for little kids or some less experienced riders, but it should be on any mountain-biking enthusiast’s bucket list.

Squilchuck State Park
Squilchuck IS mountain biking. With more than 5 miles of trails at a variety of skill levels, an adventure awaits your whole biking family! Volunteers from Evergreen Mountain Biking Alliance (EMBA) worked hard to improve the trails here with jumps, bumps, thrilling downhill runs and thigh-busting inclines. How cool is Squilchuck? Watch this video from the EMBA and find out!

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