Get your ship in shape for spring!

If your boat's been on a trailer all winter, do a spring maintenance check before you launch! Photo by Marion Doss

May 11, 2020

Washington’s boating season is casting off a little later than usual this year.

But spring has sprung, the weather is warming up and state parks, docks, ramps and pumpout stations are starting to reopen.

We are guessing you are anxious to get out on the water. But if your boat is still on the trailer – or even in shrink wrap – now is the perfect time to take a moment and get your craft water worthy and SAFE with a spring cleaning and maintenance check.

The Basics

Boating Program Shield Vertical Black Single Line Text OLWhere to start? 

Many boaters know their craft well. But if you are new to the game or just looking for some tips and reminders, the Washington State Parks Boating Program has a few favorite checklists and do-it-yourself sites to get you started!


Spring checklist: Naturally, you should always check your boat manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance. But this handy checklist from Discover Boating is printable and serves as a good reminder of all you need to do before launching. This website checklist by Boat U.S. offers more details on each task.

310223 17 Must-Do Spring Boat Maintenance Tasks: Looking for a site with not just what to do, but informative videos on how to do it? Check out this site by Boat U.S., which has DIY videos on maintenance matters from anodes to zincs and everything in between.


43 Tips: New this year from Boating magazine, this site is a comprehensive (and fun) checklist of everything you should check over on your craft and trailer from taking it out of the shrink wrap (if you did that) to getting out on the water.

310223 Small vessels: Little boats need love, too! Make sure your smaller craft is ready to go with help from Small Boater so  you WON’T need a bigger boat – to rescue you.

310223 Virtual vessel safety check: The name says it all! This virtual checklist walks you through what you will need to check depending on the type of craft you have!

310223 Check your safety gear: Don’t forget that your safety gear, including life jackets, is an equally important part of your spring routine. Check out Boating Magazine’s list to help you make sure your gear is in tip-top shape!

Learn More

14168810357_5e1e8f8e81_bDo you have a favorite spring boat maintenance checklist or ritual? How about a great spring boating memory?

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Give your vessel a bottom to top check before you head out for a day on the water! Photo by locussearch