Building a picnicker’s paradise at Sunset Beach in Lake Sammamish – What you need to know 

Sunset at Sunset beach

Sunset Beach at lake Sammamish State Park

Lake Sammamish State Park is one of our most popular parks for families and communities to come together and enjoy a dose of nature near the city. That’s why, in just a few weeks, we’re excited to begin work on several improvements and upgrades that will help make it an even better gathering place for years to come. 

This capital project plans replace old structures, provide improved ADA access, upgrade event infrastructure, and pave the way for future playground renovations at the playground between Sunset and Tibbetts beaches, near the Rotunda.   

Planned improvements include: 

  • Replacement of the Sunset Beach “Creek Shelter” with a new shelter 
  • Improvement to the concrete path to “Creek Shelter” 
  • Extend the concrete path from “Creek Shelter” to a new ADA accessible picnic area 
  • A new shelter near the older playground between Sunset Beach and Tibbetts Beach 
  • A new medium-sized shelter next to the playground (perfect for birthday parties!) 
  • Two small, covered areas inside the playground’s fenced area

Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring and will be completed in October. Work will occur Monday through Friday during daylight hours. The park will remain open through construction, but there will be impacts to the Sunset and Tibbetts Beach areas. Our construction schedule is weather dependent and subject to change.   

Please sign up for alerts and check our Lake Sammamish webpage for the latest project updates. 

Sunset Beach construction areas

Map of construction areas at Sunset Beach

What to expect during your visit

You can still enjoy Lake Sammamish during construction, but there are a few things to consider when planning your trip.  


All of our concessions will remain open. That’s right, you can still treat yourself to Zeek’s Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at the Sunset Beach Café!

Issaquah Paddle Sports will also continue to provide rentals for water recreation at Tibbetts Beach.  

Beach access 

The beaches, bath house and esplanade will remain open for use. There will be designated beach access paths and the area will be bordered by construction safety fencing. There will also be fencing along Issaquah Creek that will restrict access near the existing Creek Shelter.  

Picnic areas, playgrounds, ballfields 

There will be less space for picnicking near Sunset Beach. 

The grassy picnic area is still available for use but be aware that it will be bordered by construction fencing. 

The playground near Sunset Beach will remain open but may be periodically fenced off for safety during construction. Please check the Lake Sammamish webpage for the latest updates. 

The ballfields near Tibbetts Creek will be open for use. 

Trail access 

Most of our main trails will remain open. If you want to get away from the construction activity at Sunset Beach, you can still use our trails near the park entrance, the Orchard Loop Trail (access it from the Kitchen Shelter parking lot), the Homestead trail (accessed at the SE corner of Sunset Beach parking lot) and the interpretive boardwalk trail to the mouth of Issaquah Creek.  

Temporary closures include: 

  • The service pathway from the Creek Shelter to the Sunset Beach Area  
  • The pathway from the Rotunda area, heading northwest to Sunset Beach

Roads and parking 

You will see construction equipment at the Sunset Beach parking area. Construction crews will use a portion of the Sunset Beach parking lot for their equipment and materials. Parking in this area will be limited and may cause increased overflow parking in other areas of the park.  

The Tibbetts Beach parking lot will remain fully open.  

General traffic congestion in the Sunset Beach area is anticipated to be worse than usual due to limited parking. 


There will be intermittent noise from construction. You are likely to hear trucks backing and crews working. During certain phases of the project, there may be additional noise from earth-moving equipment and concrete pouring. 

Family at Lake Sammamish State Park

Beach at Lake Sammamish

Other recreation opportunities in the area

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